Forum cleaning


I am planning on a big cleaning of the forum from some topics not applicable or relevant anymore as those could be misleading for people seeking information.

Decided to let the community suggest a list of topics to delete, so please feel free to suggest.


Hi Fabio,

Here is a short list of topics:



Did a search on Subgame and Equilibrium. A lot, if not all of these topics are no longer relevant. You might want to archive these.

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Fair enough to want a clean forum, that is why communities “archive” posts, locking them from future posts, but keeping them alive for reference. I find the practice of downright deleting any trace of uncomfortable threads pretty questionable.


If you’re going to leave posts that contain misinformation alive the team will need to leave a comment on that post correcting the misinformation before archiving it.
Not sure that’s the best use of the teams time/resources at this point…

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  • Every topic regarding the the delayed launch

  • Every topic mentioning the roadmaps

  • Every topic discussing the launch expectations from the perspective of 2018

  • Every topic about community expectations about volume
    (excluding the following! : )

  • Every topic where community members (and especially) investors showed frustration

  • Well just everything “negative” from the quys that are here for the “quick flip” and “shortterm goals”, in other words, the “FUD” person who “doesn’t understand the long term potential” and should deinvest


PS: As I am pretty sure there is probably hardly any actively writing community member here sharing my sense of humor, I just suggest to skip laughing, ignore the previous and think about some topics and if you could imagine some dangers :

  • centralization of power, centralization plus prerogative of interpretation, homogeneity in opinions, the definition and scope of the term community, the differentiation and overlaps between an investor and a community member, consequences of conflicts of interest,

I fully agree with this.

“Misinformation” is most likely corrected via replies anyway. Plus, moving old content to an ‘archive’ subcategory shows users they are browsing ‘old’ content - which can then be read in the context of that time.


They got closed and will eventually fade. Great job!