Following the Base Currency / Counter Currency conventions for Nash markets?

Hi Nash,

I feel that the base currency / counter currency (“ETH - NEO” market) shown in the advanced trading screenshot is misleading to me and does not follow the standard convention for quoting currency pairs.

Should it not read “NEO/ETH” given you are buying or selling 1 Neo, quoted in terms of Eth value?

Changing to “NEO/ETH” would make more sense to me and be bring us inline with foreign currency convention of quoting pairs. This is how it’s done on Binance etc.

Also, using the “/” and not the “-” between base and counter currencies would be preferred.

Oddly, I do notice that Apelion DEX has the pairs quoted back to front also. Is there a reason for this on DEXs?

Thank you.



Thanks for pointing this out. I checked with @Nathaniel, our Chief Design Officer, and this is an error in the mockup image. The real interface has the pairs in the normal order.

We’ll update the website images as soon as we can.