Fix the high fee costs please

This is what i see when i want to withdraw eth from nash personal to a other eth wallet.

This is what i see when i want to deposit from nash personal to trading contract:

And lastly, this is what i see when i want to deposit an erc20 eth token into the trading contracts:

Please solve this problem, people coming to Nash will think we charge a lot more fees for these actions.

I know it’s a estimate, but it should reflect the real fee like on myetherwallet it works fine.

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the fee in the end was 0.09 dollar for a erc20 transfer to trading, but my points still stand.
Im unable to edit the above topic due to a image post limit.

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good appreciation, you should also check the rates on the bitcoin network since the rates are higher than the value normally charged in other wallets

Side note, will we ever get the option to send NEO and NEO assets without a gas fee?

We are looking into better fee estimation, but the reason personal to external fee shows much lower @Konijntje is because that is a simple transfer.

Deposit and withdrawal are not the same as transfers to and from external wallets, those are actions that call the smart contracts to establish channels and for that reason will always be more expensive than a simple transaction. As that is more expensive in the network itself.


better get used to that because NEO 3.0 will have mandatory fees sir ^^