Five Unsolved Challenges of Crypto Security Tokens

What do you guys think about this articel ? He says that there will be maybe not an all-access crypto-security-token exchanges in 2019.

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That is a very interesting article written by Julian Hosp of TenX, thanks!

It brings up a lot of questions about security tokens, supposed to be the perfect mix between the financial world and the crypto world, the “the low cost and ease of regulation of the crypto markets on one hand and the possibility of creating a financial security with all its claims on the other hand”…

But as with our beloved NEX, everything here is yet to invent and regulate:
to get clear rules on when to trade, when not to, what is allowed and what is not, define responsabilities… not an easy task, nor a quick one.

An interesting point you learn reading this article: the first country that seems to be preparing a law about these questions is… Liechtenstein.

Thanks for sharing @AdrianKlz, it was worth reading!