First mainnet BTC trade

Just did the first trade with @localhuman :kissing_heart: !

Tonight (2am here) we started a mainnet BTC/USDC market, we will first let it run for at least the weekend with trading partners. If you plan to run algo trading and volumes >$50k/day contact us at support @ nash . io for Tier 2 KYC and early access.

PS: Still old UI on production, you can see our new improved transfers (1st part of a larger refactor) on starting today :smiley: .


@canesin excellent information, we are going step by step to be the leader of all

Congrat ALL TEAM for that! we want to give a try asap.
can you open a room for feedback on sandbox?

One small step for BTCโ€ฆ One giant leap for Nash! Congrats!


@ddak, the sandbox has had BTC testnet already for a while. Anyone can try it there. This is actual mainnet Bitcoin.

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Nice, history being made :rocket:

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of course i try it since day one on sandbox. But i was referring to live production

First Dividendโ€ฆ :ok_hand:


As I said on the post we will run at least the full weekend only with trading partners, we are looking at stuff like fees for txs on mainnet, latency on the MPC APIs and etc. Still a bit of homework to do.


Is there the possibility to follow the trades on the mainnet and to block the rest? Just like it was when you watched the USDC markets from Germany. :blush:

Thanks for the update. Great work Nash team :smiley:


Fantastic! Historic moment :partying_face:

Great news! Congrats to the whole team! :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

The future is here & the future is NASH.

Very impressive work and dedication. :handshake:

I would love to test the new transfer experience, but I have 0 funds on sandbox.

Great news! I am really excited.

Congrats to the team !

Amazing job guys :rocket::tada:

Congratulations guys and girls :smiley:

Congratz Nash team! Great job!!