Firefox Extention

(Steve) #1

I prefer to use Firefox as my browser. While chrome is the most popular browser by far, I was wondering if a firefox version is in the works? For those that don’t use chrome, this could be a hurdle for adoption.

(TAT3AN) #2

This is actually a good questions as I know TOR just swapped to the firefox interface, Brave to the Chrome as well. I know some people use safari and, dare I say it, some even use internet explorer. Curious as to how there may be some ideas of a workaround to meet the mass public.


you’re right, it would be great to be able to use the extension in brave

(FCC) #4

@Steve and @TAT3AN NEX Extension should work as it is today without modifications in Firefox and Brave, we just holded in launching in many platforms because it is still in Alpha stage. There is a big improvement in the works (new account system and multi-chain support). I will discuss with the team if we should wait or we can release to those browsers asap.