Find a match for your dApp idea

Hi All,

From the title I think it’s clear. I wish we can find an easy way to contribute to specific projects for the dApp. Working full time makes it very hard to catch enough time to build something on my own, I am sure many of us have similar issues.

I wanted to start with a small bot call it equalizer. where it just checks the prices across pairs on the exchange and ARB across them i.e. sell BTC for USD to buy ETH and then sell it for BTC.

assuming I remember correctly the matching engine supports batch trades like this.

its 0.75% fee for the exchange (so only triggers when you can make 1%?) and rebalancing of prices across 3 pairs.

Other than that I am also happy to help with other ideas if you need someone on your team :slight_smile:

I have some experience in software engineering and fluent in few OOP unfortunately JS is not one of them.

If you steal the idea I still get the dividend so we are cool :smiley: but if you have valuable idea better not share too much :slight_smile: