Fighting Ignorance and Tribalism: Strategies to Spread Nash

As I’m sure many of you have noticed at this point, getting a positive reaction from advertising Nash is almost impossible. After the fiasco that was 2018, nobody wants anything to do with new projects (especially ones without a ‘product’). Pair this with your classic referral program, and it appears as though the Nash name is being slaughtered out there. How is Nash supposed to look legitimate when all people see are mindless referral link posts? Is this what the devs were going for?

“How can we spread Nash?”

“Referral links. Referral links everywhere”.

In Malcom Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point, he discusses the factors which influence
momentous changes in society. One of the three main factors is Stickiness. The Stickiness Factor is described as:

the specific content of a message that renders its impact memorable.

Where is the Stickiness Factor right now? It’s like we’re shooting arrows, but the arrows don’t have sharp heads so they just bounce off the target.

I’m not saying we need to stop chucking out referral codes. Since you need a code in order to sign up, it would actually be very bad if there weren’t enough codes circulating. Imagine someone wants to sign up, but can’t for the life of them find a referral link anywhere online. That would be disastrous.

What I do think we need to do is make sure we’re providing verifiable facts, links to videos/websites/resources, and relevant Nash information when providing our referral links.

A referral code on its own is spam – a referral code with some factual information just might pique someone’s interest enough to do their own research. We want traffic coming to – they just revamped the website will all the information speculators need in order to understand the project.

Please don’t be lazy. At the very least, prepare a short write-up with some relevant links supporting Nash and copy-paste that everywhere. Don’t just spam your referral code across all corners of the internet, or else this project will struggle to pick up steam.

Last I checked, this community forum has almost 900 members. @nashsocial on Twitter has ~67,000. We need those numbers here, let’s work together and make it happen.

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my own thoughts are, nash team needs to expand. like really expand a lot so they can be on par with their strong competitors. eg. Binance, Coinbase. The more people(talents) that work for nash, the more brains tick and more work done per day.

Many crypto users are susceptible to clickbait. The when moon crowd will respond very well to the current referral program.


There’s not really a ‘moon’ to reach for those joining the platform, is there?
In a sense, Nash offers nothing really new for those that don’t have NEX. I mean, trading of tokens/coins is possible on other platforms as well.
It being centralized or decentralized doesn’t really matter for the end user. All they care about is getting the tokens they want.
The unique selling point of Nash, in my opinion, is in the following:

  • Ease of use
  • Quick trade (but, to be fair, on any big current platform you already get your coins almost instantly)
  • Being in full control of your own portfolio (no risk of losing your stuff when the exchange gets hacked)
  • Being able to (when finally implemented) trade assets within the crypto market with assets outside the crypto market (the big rest of the world), like stocks, gold and oil.

But please correct me if I’m missing out on some essential uniqueness of Nash.

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I feel the MOST important aspect is being able to GET the tokens they want, as and WHEN they want/need. this is the most important factor because a trade that is late by 1 second might cause huge profit/loss in some cases which could make users dislike using the exchange.

This is why i think nash should always add the most popular coins(coins that many people want but arent able to get it anywhere) first which can incentivise people to sign up for nash and trade here instead to other exchanges…

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