Fiat ramps!

Hi there. I just want to share my opinion, and seek for some answers but I do notice sometimes direct questions keep being ignored! First I thought fiat ramps suppose to be live today July 1, and so far I don’t see an upgrade or announcement about that.

Second, I hope the teams proves me wrong and sadly many people including (me) keep focusing on the token incentive( which is hard not to look at it since all the hype created around Nash since ICO) but seeing the recent performance, making charts of how much you gonna make is irrelevant since there isn’t volume and people invested in Nash to get returns out of their investments. Hope they do advertising with a famous influencer or actor like eToro that regardless of the endless complain from there costumers they at least have volume.

Its been ( 2 years since ico 2 years!! ) I invested in Nash for the long term but sometimes even trying to be positive is hard to swallow. Specially seeing others projects performing very well in comparison with Nash

I hope someone would enlighten me with there knowledge and say something!

Hope to get a response and not be ignored just because what I said hit our reality👇🏼.

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Fiat ramps feature is ready but now to be activated, regulators must approve it. Takes some time.

Be happy, After 2 years 80% crypto projects are DEAD


Even though I don’t agree with some things you mentioned, I can understand your frustration. There were enormous expectations about the investors gains (just look at old threads in this forum) and the team played it’s role to create those. Original expectations about how fast we’ll get certain features couldnt be met aswell. But this being said, we finally have a very good looking product, which is in many ways superior to the competition and the missing features should be live in a relatively short period. After that the team said they will focus on growth.
As I said, I can understand that you are struggeling, but now there is less reason than before. Hold your worries back a bit longer and see what the next months after ‘feature complete status’ bring. If then it still won’t be a good investment, then it would make more sense to complain.
Kind regards, J
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We have provided several updates on the fiat ramps, in this forum and other channels.

As mentioned above the features are ready and live in the products just waiting for the regulator approval, which we have no control over.

The sale happened on September.

Regarding advertising we will not be performing “famous actor like eToro” advertising in the foreseeable future. We will perform advertising but will be more target.