Fiat ramps / Nash Cash

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I’m new into the forum, been invested since the ICO tho but haven’t stacked NEX yet until today.

I got a question which I don’t seem to get an answer on telegram:
With the upcoming fiat ramps for EU citizens, will there come EUR pairs?
If not, how would this work?

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I believe you can buy USDC with euro (and sell). Then you can use the USDC on the existing USDC pairs on the exchange.


Welcome to the Community @Perry - thanks for adding to the conversations! :nash_n:

As per @fabwa on Telegram:



As it looks like you’re the one who asked on Telegram (just noticed! :sweat_smile:), I’m posting for others.

Holding fiat non-custodially is not possible at the moment, I believe?


Exactly, if there is holding of FIAT it is custodial. This basically won’t change until we can hold FIAT based cryptocurrencies in regular crypto wallets like Nash (AKA countries developing their own cryptocurrency).

Aha I didn’t know he was from the team. So in that case Nash has to have LOTS of USDC to be able to convert all these EUR deposits to USDC in the coming future? Or are they in direct contact with Coinbase to provide them with the liquidity to be able to do this?

This got answered in the official Telegram channel. For those who are curious: