Fiat ramps for UK?


Any idea when we’ll get fiat onramps for the UK? And what if we want to link bank accounts and non-UK bank accounts? There are no options so far.


Guys, patience. The exchange has just launched. All this features will definitely be sorted in the coming weeks.


I am interested in any info on this topic – even the names of UK fiat providers would be good to know.



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Fiat ramps in US will go live today. The EU will only go live during the week.

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And is it live in the US?

Also very interested to hear any updates about this. For example are fiat ramps for UK on the cards any time soon? If so will there be faster payments?

Options for fiat ramps in the UK are pretty dismal right now and it could attract a lot of people and volume.

That just wrote me the support:


Fiat gateways for European countries is tentatively scheduled for next week. You will be able to buy crypto on the nash platform after fiat partner integration.


Some things I do not understand anymore why they are postponed again and again. Is it really not possible to take a single time more seriously? No matter who the testimonies come from. And no matter where. :pensive:

I do not want to attack anyone here. But these are things that I have noticed for a very long time now and that bother me a bit.

I feel you bro. I thought Canadian ramps would have been live at launch, but we’re not even being given an estimate for when that’ll happen. That being said, I’m happy as a clam about the launch. Development is tough – things go wrong and solutions take time to implement. Try not to hold everything the team does and says to the absolute highest standards you can muster up (or anyone, for that matter.) You’re only setting yourself up for disappointment if you never expect to run into obstacles.

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Still waiting for an update on this. They’re supposed to be in this week and it’s already Thursday.

We continue to work on expanding our partners network and implementations. Our community is very demanding but if you look at the size of our team and the pace of innovations and developments we are bringing to production we are unrivaled in the industry (even against 10x bigger teams).


I don’t doubt it @canesin, and I think Nash has the best team out there.

My comment was written in relation to when the team said that fiat ramps would be available. Now, of course, Carbon Money is available in the UK. It’s just the issue of deadlines that makes people ask questions if there is any delay.

Issue of deadlines? We’re talking about a few days here. Fabio says “next week”, and when it turns out to be next week + 2-3 days, he’s crucified for it.

Regardless of whether deadlines are missed or people are demanding/impatient, everyone needs to chill. It’s like people did their research, saw promise in Nash, but are now crying that it’s not Amazon-level big all at once.

Could Fabio/Nash pad their deadlines a little bit? Possibly. Could everyone here maybe relax a little and give them some wiggle room? I’d say so.

Mate, you’re the one overreacting to my comment. I am 100% behind the team.

Asking for updates on something that is delayed is completely normal.