Fiat ramps comparison! Need your help!

Hi Nashers,

I would like to create a comparison about buying Bitcoin on different exchanges via fiat ramps, and I need your help. Could you describe here in the comments what (outside nash) fiat ramps on which exchange you always use? And what the fees are + how much bitcoin you recieve if you buy Bitcoin with 1000 dollar

Exchange name
Fiat ramps fee
Buying Bitcoin steps

Fiat ramps: 0% Fee
Buying Bitcoin:

  • $1000 > Fiat ramps (0%) > 1000 usdc
  • 1000 usdc > Bitcoin (0.25%) = $997.50 worth of bitcoin

If you can buy bitcoin via fiat ramps than that’s enough to for the Buying Bitcoin part


3 clicks and your away
Fiat ramps: €0.50 (always)
Buying bitcoin: Euro to BTC (0.25%)

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Fiat ramp: vary from method to method. I pay €0.35
BTC sent to personal wallet directly.
not sure but seems 1000$ -> 991$. the 9$ includes the transaction fee to personal wallet.

Shakepay and Newton are two of the stronger/easier ramps to deal with in Canada. Both offer zero fees/trade commission, but pad their spreads a bit. This image showing their average spread was posted to /r/BitcoinCA not too long ago:

In terms of funding, Newton has Plaid integrated for bank connections while Shakepay deals mostly with Interac e-transfers. Shakepay has limit buying integrated as well. No personal experience with Newton.

If Nash can enter Canada offering all that, AND a more competitive spread…:heart_eyes::star_struck:

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I used Newton once and I didn’t receive my BTC upon withdraw had to contact support in the end to finally get it. Shakepay never gives me issues and is quick and easy. If Nash could somehow offer e-transfer fiat ramps that would be the dream for Canadians!

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0% Fiat ramp (via fidor bank)
0.16% maker trading fee EURO/BTC

1000 EUR = 998.4 EUR in BTC

Whatever you want to show, in my opinion it’s not accurate with these information. It all depends on different things. Examples: maker or taker fees? Personal trading volume (fee structure with tiers)? Want to have the BTC on a CEX, in a state channel or in your personal wallet (withdrawl fees?)

It will be good to compare…