Fiat on/off ramps for India

Hello Guys, @canesin I would like to bring attention that following company is providing good on/off ramps for India and some other countries.


Would be wonderful if, Nash could get in touch with them and integrate the API till the time Nash native ramps are not available in India.


Why do their animations and icons looks like Plaid? … have you had experience using the service?

I have no clue about the animations and icons, if there is a connection or not, or just a general trend during those times where quite a few websites had similar icons and animations.

Yes i have used the service. The best part is they allow payment via UPI (Unified Payment interface) in india through phone app, which is instant with 0.25% fees.

For the full list of countries supported and fee structure use this link (taken from there website)

check the UPI payment option for India.