Fiat Integration with Exchange

(Aman) #1

While going through exchange volumes in Coinmarketcap, its clear that with Fiat integration, NEX can easily achieve more than 1 million USD daily volume only with a single pair of BTC/USD. This alone will be enough to break through top 100 exchange by volume. I hope that NEX works swiftly towards achieving the banking license required for Fiat Integration and fiat pairs.

(TAT3AN) #2

Agreed. BTC alone will probably push us to top 50 with a good and simple UI/UX. Many exchanges don’t have it.

(Aman) #3

Look at the exchange with least 24 hour volume in BTC/EUR Pair & BTC/USD pair

(TAT3AN) #4

My point exactly :smiley:

(Crypto Fox) #5

Exactly. BTC and FIAT pairs a must

(Mao Mao) #6

i suppose BTC and FIAT pairs will come together on launch? its on the roadmap…with LTC and RPX

(Aman) #7

No not really. The exchange will launch as crypto to crypto first. Fiat will require banking license approval. No definite timeline for banking license because it involves legal approvals etc.

(Mao Mao) #8

i see, thank you for the reply! So i would assume, for example, any fiat pairs BTC/USD or BTC/GUSD or BTC/USDT, no matter what would need a banking license in order to get listed? @canesin im curious.

(TAT3AN) #9

You shouldn’t need one with any tethered stable coins from my understanding but onboarding will require one.

(Bernie) #10

Considering that Australia is becoming a crypto friendly western world place