Few thoughts on how our NEX community should behave :)

As we are stake holders of NEX we need to have in mind that our behaviour will have impact on project. One of the fact that is crucial at the beginning is that we are aware to give team time as they said that they will deliver good product. Good product is crucial for our success. When exchange will be out at least Q1 - 2019, we need to spread the word about NEX to attract other users to use platform to increase volume. As volume will increase our stake and reward will rise correspondently. This will also attract people to stake and will rise token value because supply will decline.

What’s are your thoughts?


When exchange will be live, the community will grow for sure, and more and more people will spread the word, kind of snowball effect. If NEX can be a game-changer in this space and everybody is waiting a great DEX so

A lot of new DEX´s are coming soon and it´s probably the most competitive place in cryptospace now. So I hope for a soon NEX release to spread to word (which I´m already doing on Twitter).

I think we should mention NEX, but don’t push it too much. Don’t force people by only mentioning NEX and NEX. In the end its their own choice. I will tell people that i use NEX and why i use it, but i’m not gonna tell them there is no other option. Don’t sound like a fanboy, sound like a happy user!


…or a seller! You are absolutely right. At the moment we have no proof or experience of trading at NEX to tell about, just an assumption how it could be.