Few Issues with CryptoCoin.pro KYC


I have a few issues with Nash. Maybe it’s me. But I doubt I am an anomaly.

  1. How is the 4 hour chart comming along?
  2. IMHO you should adjust the crypto with fiat buying process. Now b4 I can see how much BTC I get for my buck, I first need to go through the whole kyc (which is ver annoying with a 5mb max upload but no option to crop immage) and so, people that are not fanboy off the bat think : “Well …let me see what I get for my buck elsewhere before I make the effort to dump my pasport anywhere.” And it is just a small thing. Make someone able to say: “Let’s see what I get for $100 in btc at Nash…” It might get them onboard.
    2.b: also then make it able to change currency. Now when I am in EU I get euro with no option to change which makes it very hard to check against other exchanges.

And 3: The kyc…even when I went through it dozens of times (even with the ico and the site) asks for a “proof of residence” and the only thing they accept is a utility bill!! What If I rent a room…or…let’s say “am married” to the person paying the bill??? Then you just get rejected over and over. I even send in goverment issued documents they refuse! And I am hodler from day 1 ey… can you immagine someone wanting to check the site out? I can tell you 1 thing from years and years of business: you annoy your customer…they will even AVOID you bcause of the emotions.

4th and final: why make a telegram channel and not reply on Twitter? Again: telegram is for incrowd. Why do you refuse to talk to the mainstream? Everybody and his mother is on twitter. Telegram only has scammers that…once you talk in chat…you get dm’s within the second."

So…come on with the fanbase…it’s always the same when your not moonboyfan. I just want this thing to ff work as simple as possible. These are not hightech tripplechannelcrossdexinstatrade shizz…it’s basics. And if they are not what someone sees using 5 other exchanges…why use this one?


The 4 hr chart is already active now on the web platform.

The KYC procedure is kind of the same everywhere. I used to trade CSGO skins back in the day and even those websites were very strict with KYC policies.

As for the utility bill i don´t neccesarily think that it has to be an “Utility Bill” i have used Phone Bills, Hospital Bills and similar bills to verify my identity. as you mention you might rent or be married to someone. But some kind of bill you must have in your own name? You don´t own a phone pay for your internet or anything similar? It just has to be a bill that ties you to that specific adress.


Hi. I was looking for a phonebill and used my paycheck, which…simular to the phonebill (since we only have mobile) should tie you to the adress mentioned equally. I now used a VOG…which is a government stated document stating your good behaviour. We will see.

Mind you, it is a 3rd party and not Nash doing the kyc as far as I see, but still it is kind of a hassle

Aaaand now my ID is rejected.

You know what…

Good luck with this crap. I will check back a year from now see if my bigg a… stake made me more then $2 like 0.0002% return

So from the user story here you were using CryptoCoin.pro ramp when you had to KYC for it?

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As Fabio said, he’s talking about the KYC process for Cryptocoin.pro, the fiat on ramp provider in Europe (maybe elsewhere not sure). This KYC is independent from Nash and I can say from experience it’s not as pleasant as what Nash has got us used to.

NashCash will solve this by removing this extra KYC. In the meantime however, Cryptocoin.pro provides a quick way to get crypto right into your trading contract (once you’ve KYC’ed…).


Yea the KYC for Cryptocoin.pro is a pain. I still use a third party website to buy Crypto and transfer the coins to nash. Would love to buy coins with Nash once no more further KYC is mandatory or the Process is somewhat smooth. Hopefully it will come in the near future with NashCash. Until that i will stay away from Fiat ramps on Nash.

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Yes indeed. They return every document I send.

No reason for discord … was just a miss understanding - if I was not so aware of the product I might have confused with you referring to a Nash product as well.

I hope the wait is not much longer so that we can offer Nash Cash as an alternative for Europe.


As @canesin mentioned for non-euro users they don’t even know there’s a KYC workflow for fiat ramps, since there’s no mention of this in the post it’s easy to misunderstand.

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