Feedback May

Congratulations to the Nash team , you are doing a very good job developing both the web page exchange and the mobile app.
web exchange : Some of the scrolling problems have been already fixed now the user experience is smoother.
Favorite trading pairs is something not very clear for me to use
Nice to see we can use tradingview basic tools
Missing some more tips for the newbies how to manage the stop-limit feature
Cancelled trades still show up on the page after few days. Not very useful for me.
Mobile App
I have been able to login into my account only with the fingerprint several times for several days. Today I have been requested to insert my Google Autenticator 6 digits again. I believe you should let an option to tune the security you want , if always use the google authenticator for logging , just once per day , or never just logging with your fingerprint.
I am missing very much the option to follow my trade positions from the mobile and also to be able to trade from the mobile. I hope you are working on it. Also I am missing the daily trend BTC/USDC in the asset description screen which shows you only the current price.
Next big step would be to have easy to use FIAT ramps and with a competitive spread to buy BTC or ETH . I checked your only current partner few days ago and was very uncompetitive compared with Kraken and Binance prices for buying BTC.
Looking forward to see your new FIAT ramps!
Step by step you are doing a very good job

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What exactly are you talking about? I find it pretty straightfarward.

I was referring to managing the favorite tradings on the trading main screen.
As you can see on the attached picture on this occasion I had opened 2 trades BTC/USD and LINK/USD. I cannot follow the price of the second trade whilst trading the first trade.
I have put 6 favorite trading pairs and on the main screen there is only space for 4 of them.
I believe I should have an option to chose which trading pairs among my favorites I can see on the main trading screen.At that moment I was not interested to see BAT pairs on my screen.

This depends on your monitor i guess. For example I can see up to 9 favorite trading pairs in that bar.

let’s wait for nash to create feedback threads again and help them then.

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