Feedback - March

March is an important for Nash as it’s the last month of Q1.
Thought I’d create a new thread for feedbacks as previous ones are starting to be overloaded!


  1. I don’t understand why transfers from trading contract to personal account are not should in the Transfer tab. As you can see below, I sent RLC to my trading contract, exchanged it for ETH, moved the ETH back to my personal account and then sent it to an external address. I wish I could see my transfer from trading to personal, but it’s not showing.

  1. I had to refresh a few times to get the following banner (1) which I knew I’d seen before. Why?

    Moreover, as you can see the state does not make sense. (2) is unticked, however the Max button still removes 0.025 ETH. Last but not least, (2) simply does not work. In my startup, when we ship something that’s bugged, we fix it right away or roll it back. Just saying.
    In the end, I had to use an external wallet to transfer the full amount…

  2. Transfers fees from personal to trading are high (for ETH). I’m guessing this is in order to speed up the transfer, which is fine but:

  • Please remove the USD equivalent. You’re going to scare people away.
  • At some point, we’ll need an “advanced option” to select between slow/normal/fast and pay fees accordingly (not urgent though IMO)


If you look on, you will also see that these transfers are not displayed directly. I believe they are handled as “internal transactions”. Because of the nature of the transactions it’s not an immediate fix. We are aware of the issue and I already spoke to the engineers about it. It’s something we would like to fix in the future, since it will improve UX.


Thanks Chris. It’s more a possible improvement than an issue. Wouldn’t call it urgent either :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S: shown not should, sorry for the typo

EDIT: Now timeframe selection is working!

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Can we get some screenshot/teasers about the new UI? Then we could possibly give feedback on that to improve it :slight_smile: