Feedback From my friends

We are from USA and we can’t even see how the Exchange looks like. Can we see how it looks and just not be able to trade. Can we see a easy comparison between Nash with other decentralized Exchanges also Centralized Exchange and Banks?
Also from me- I respect you immensely and definitely an investor but following you for 2+years and still for me is hard to understand the difference between you and other decentralized exchanges. All of the technical language you use is cool but I don’t understand it and how hard is to achieve what you do and how hard is to copy what you do and if anyone is allowed to copy or you have any exclusivity? I just subscribed here and finally I could do it on my phone without Nash extension. Thank you. I believe in you :handshake:

Hello @Radu , welcome to the nash community, I hope you will soon be able to enjoy all the Nash features in your country.


Find a live preview of the exchange interface here:


Perhaps his issue is that you can’t see it if you are logged into an account where trading is not available. You can just open an incognito window with that link though to see it.

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