[FEEDBACK] Exchange UI/Functions Enhancements

I have some suggestions for the exchange UI/Functions.

Basic Trade:

Now https://i.imgur.com/rTrSXFN.jpg

  • (Mobile / Enhancement) Fix useless white spaces and align things better.
  • (Mobile / Bug) The title bar change size (it loses it’s padding) when selecting “Set a price for this trade”.
  • (Mobile / Enhancement) When the input box is clicked the phone shows the normal qwerty keyboard, it would be better to show the number keyboard instead, to do this the inputs should have type=“tel”.
  • (Mobile & Desktop / Enhancement) “I want to trade” shows 3 decimals, “i want to receive” only 1 decimals (i suggest to use the same number of decimals in the placeholder since it’s just a placeholder)

Idea https://i.imgur.com/tyuOsNn.jpg


Now https://i.imgur.com/2vMNOWX.jpg

  • (Mobile / Enhancement) Add an overlay like when opening trading pair in desktop mode.
  • (Mobile / Enhancement) Always close the menu when opening a link, it stays open.
  • (Mobile / Bug) Light/Dark mode not visible

Idea https://i.imgur.com/oAFIxb4.jpg

Token Selection:

Now https://i.imgur.com/mLQg7Q6.jpg

  • (Mobile / Enhancement) Texts alignment and width of the tokens (the list should have at least 2 columns per row, there is a lot of whitespace in every token card).
  • (Mobile / Enhancement) “Search for a token” phrase instead of “Search for a token name” that get cuts out from the input.
  • (Mobile & Desktop / Enhancement) If i want to select a specific token i will just use the search and select it but if i look at the tokens below i think they should be in alphabetical order, what’s the point of visually searching e.g. ethereum in a list that will grow up a lot in the future without any idea of where to find it? It’s so random.

Idea https://i.imgur.com/RmNgkbk.jpg

Other Suggestions:


  • I would be able to fill the form and do the calculations (limit/amount/total/etc) even if i’m not logged in, the login/signup section is just above the orders, i think it’s unnecessary and bad looking…


  • I would like to see the last price, between the buy and sell orders.
  • In general there are too many zeros in the orderbooks even if those decimals aren’t used by any of the orders in the book.
  • Reverse the USD switch.
  • Ability to click the NEO size numbers and have the amount filled with the corresponding number in the buy/sell section.


  • Need a darker border.

Keep up the good work, i love the overall look of the exchange, i will come back with more suggestions as soon as i can.


Agree with comments above and would also like to add that in the current UI it is not visible how many tokens you have when you want to trade. There should be a number of tokens displayed above the input box like in given example so the user can clearly be aware of the holdings when executing the order:


I would like to add that scrolling on mobile, using chrome here, isn’t always easy / natural.

  • Seems like the “natural”, momentum scrolling is gone,
  • When scrolling inside a list without vertical scrolling, i can’t seem to scroll down the page.

@canesin I have unsolved problem! In my exchange view zeroes do not display properly. What is a problem?