Feedback - App [iOs]

I’m happy that the app is now available on the appstore too. Therefore I already got my first impressions and want to share them.

Because my phone is “trash” I can’t provide any screenshots. (NEX token are more important :smiley: )

  1. Login Screen:
    Works fine as expected. Only when copying the 2 FA code it doesn’t continue by itself. And to confirm the continue button I have to delete the last number and retype it to continue. I’m also not able to get rid of the keyboard to hit the continue button. That is why I’m using this “work around”.

  2. Markets Tab:
    I like the information at the top about the total market cap and the bitcoin dominance. For me it would be more interesting to see the 24h volume from nash and not from the whole crypto market.
    Talking about the 24h volume. At the tickers below of each currency there are also information about the volumes traded on nash. When I compared them with the volumes at the exchange I recognized a discrepancy. It seems like the app sums up all volumes from all markets where for example NEO is participating (NEO/ETH+NEO/USDC+GAS/NEO+…). When I now look at the volume from USDC the same happens. All markets will be summed up (NEO/USDC+ETH/USDC+LINK/USDC). Now the volume at the market NEO/USDC is considered at both coins USDC and NEO resulting in an higher overall volume. For me it would make more sense if the volume only will be added either to the base coin or to the other one.

  3. Portfolio
    It is looking really good. I like the information displayed when you click on the coin. Even tough sending and receiving coins work as expected and is pretty straight forward. :+1:

  4. Settings:
    Entering the security tab or the support tab the incoming information have a pretty weird animation. Its is like conciliating really fast up and down for not even a second.

Feedback for the community forum:
Can we have a category for funds management and mobile app? I don’t think this topic fits into the category exchange. Thanks :smiley:


I very much agree with what Symiaq pointed out.

In the Markets tab, I’d remove the information about market cap, 24h volume and BTC dominance. There are so many other sources to find that global crypto markets data. I’d add instead: number amount of markets in Nash, 24h volume in Nash and number of active users/trades (last 24h) in Nash.

In addition, I’d like to see a price graph, even if it’s a simple one (no need candlesticks), and more pricing data (24h, 7-days, 1-month) for each digital asset.

Finally, I would make the text description of each asset less visible. Maybe with an “info” button would be enough for those who are not familiar with that specific asset and want to know more. Same applies to “website” and “socials”. Keep the page simple with a minimal design.

Good job overall, the rest looks very nice, happy with the progress so far!

Now, all I want for Christmas is liquidity and millions of trades :gift: :christmas_tree: :smiley:


Great iOS experience so far :+1: …looking forward to address book being added later

the app has really worked very well on the iphone. However, all settings are discarded after some time, so you have to log in again and settings such as face id are set back.

for the future, I would like to say that if you select the total amount (portfolio), you can switch between €, $ and btc (in the best case with a localization if you press on eg € - 10,000.00 to 10.000,00 and pm /am to 12:00 etc). in the future, the smallest part will use these spellings

and since not all blockchains are supported in the near future to add an option to manual transactions. or a view mode for external wallets

good work!

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I disagree. This information is really only interesting to people who are invested in the success of the exchange. Information about Nash 24 volume etc. can be located in the staking tab when it’s added to the mobile app.

I think leaving the market cap & BTC dominance is good overall market information that is applicable to the majority of users.

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Few very minor points for the app.

Activity page still references the Trading Account instead of Trading Contract.

With reference to the screenshot below:

  1. There is a visual issue with the total balance where the top few pixels of each character are cut off. This means that you don’t see the top of the dollar sign.
  2. These two dots are both solid blue. General convention is usually for one to be solid blue and the other to be grey. As you switch between screens they toggle to indicate which screen your currently viewing.

Phone: Oneplus A6003. Operating System: Android Version 9.0.4


formatting time stamps and numbers are done with the update today. looks more familiar straight away :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that when you’re sending or receiving there is a small rounding error that occurs when you toggle the USD option on the summary page.

It’s annoying to have the original value change as a result of checking what the approximate USD equivalent value is. See example below.

Is there any way that this can revert back to the original input in BTC or other asset?


Is that not due to the fact that the rate has fallen slightly at that time?

No, it’s not. It’s the way the conversion is calculated.

Hey Nash team. With the new currency update, the ‘sort’ for value on the right of portfolio still says ‘USD value’, even though I am in, say, CAD.


I think it’s a must to to see the token price in the portfolio. Now I only see the 24h change, amount and total sum.