Features of Nash Exchange

(Lukaskorba) #1

What features of Nash Exchange are you most happy about? I’m a developer with some experience also in product/design. I lime the idea of merging both worlds together. Great and modern technology running in friendly and easy to use layout. I’m sooo curious about the release.

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(Trust Yourselves ) #2

I don’t know why, I am really looking forward to seeing the Nash Merchandise store. It will be used as a sample store to display Nash Payments in action

(Lukaskorba) #3

Have I missed something? Nash Merchandise Store?

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(Rory) #5

Yeah, the marketing team confirmed awhile back there would be a merch store that would also function as a test case for the payment system. Canesin said this is hopefully planned for Q2.

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(Lukaskorba) #6

yeaah :slight_smile: sounds good

(Enderle85) #7

That exactly is what makes me so exited about nash, too.
Not comparable to anything on the market.

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(Lukaskorba) #8

you’re right @Enderle85, I’ve been around for 2 yrs and there is no company like Nash, hope others will see it too.

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