Feature Request - Connect with other DEFI platforms, DAI support

I’ve recently been playing around with DEFI offerings such as Compound, Dharma and Argent.

Just wondering if it’s in the plan to connect with these platforms to offer users access to interest/lending. If so, it might also be a good idea to offer DAI (multi-collateral DAI) as a supported token and trading pairs against ETH or USDC to make the most of this. At the moment we only have Single Collateral DAI (SAI) as a supported token on Nash.

Here are the current steps I take to earn interest on DAI via the Argent Wallet.

  1. I deposit GBP into my current Exchange (GBP faster payments - clears in minutes and no on/off ramp fees)
  2. Trade the GBP for ETH (at employee rate of .03% maker, 0.10% taker fees).
  3. Withdraw the ETH to Argent (lose a small amount due to fees)
  4. Convert ETH to DAI (lose a small amount here due to convenience rate/spread)
  5. Enter Dai into the DAI Savings interest contract - Currently 8% pa

As you can see it’s a bit convoluted. I started with 100 GBP from my bank account (~$129.55 at current FX rates) and end up with around $128.42 in the interest contract. My set up is pretty damn good with a loss of under 1% through all the trading and network fees, and this % would come down with higher amounts. However, the process is still convoluted.

If I were to cash out any interest, I would then have to do the reverse and lose fees along the way. If anyone knows a better way to take advantage of DEFI interest rates from fiat, please let me know.

Otherwise, I think Nash can fill a hole here by connecting to some of these DEFI protocols and the addition of DAI as a supported asset + trading pairs.


You can deposit directly from your debit card into Dharma with 0.7% fees which would equate to a final deposit of around 128.64 in your case. Alternatively bank transfer for 1% fees. iOS app makes this pretty easy

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Would love to on Dharma but fiat funding appears to be only available to US residents at the moment.

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