[Feature addition] Stop loss before order fill

Lets say I have set up a buy order. Now I directly want to secure the trade with a stop loss. The exchange now tells me: Your funds may be insufficient for this market order, because I indeed do not have these funds yet.

So I go to sleep and the buy order gets filled. Unfortunately price keeps falling and I wake up with a big loss.

I think for traders it is necessary to be able to set up a stop loss straight away, before an order gets filled.


This is already the case in old classic forex trading platforms and a feature I miss in Crypto trading.
you can place a price for entry, profit and stop-loss at the setup of the trade. Would be immensely important with margin trading.
I hope it gets implemented!

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Exactly! For crypto trading Bitmex does offer it, but they only offer a few pairs of margin trading. I think it would be great for Nash to implement it for ordinairy trades also.

I opened a thread on this! Are you working on smart trading still? Give it a like because the teams ignoring it atm.

Already did :wink:

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Basically we already have Stop loss (Stop market sell) and Take profit (Stop limit buy) but you want to setup an order with funds you don’t have … I am unsure if that is possible because of all the blockchain signature things we do (when you place an order you allocated funds on the channel)… But of course as always we are not afraid and I will send this thread to Luciano and Tom.


A suggestion might be a hidden temporary/virtual stop loss.

Option 1, in which I do have the funds: the system works as it already does.

Option 2, in which I do not have the funds yet: while setting up the stop loss the system knows that my funds are insufficient but it also knows that I have an order set. Now it could set a virtual stop loss which is somewhere on the background.

As the order fills, it will trigger the virtual stop loss and the real stop loss will be set automatically.

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What I explained in the post above is why technically that is not possible currently, but we will look into it. The issue is keys availability to sing a order.