Facebook's crypto team reportedly works in an office off-limits to other company employees- CNBC

(Olu ) #1

Thought this CNBC news was worth sharing.
Any idea what this could mean for crypto?

Also wondering if Nash plans on having a Facebook page ever.

Seeing how much precaution Facebook is taking, I hope Nash’s tech team is working from a secret bunker :sweat_smile:

(John Nash) #2

The only reason why I don’t delete my Facebook is for legacy reasons (got a lot of university history/past/old pics etc on there from years ago) and because so many others still sort of use it (and even those people have mostly stopped using it).
I think the company is pure evil and will never tie myself to them further by utilising any of their cryto products or services. But best of luck to them. Their entry could have some benefits to the crypto space at large. But the company is pretty much dead to me.

Personally I hope any “Facebook Coin” they ultimately offer quickly goes the way of “Facebook Poke” or whatever their Snapchat rip off was called.

(Quanjo) #3

I hope Nash would be involved in this. @canesin

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(Alex) #4

Facebook recently acquired chainspace.io and it has kryptonite1 (KR1) amongst its early backers/supporters. So does Nash ! Introduction seems plausible imao…

Also Nash being dev-friendly and User centric might appeal to Facebook.

If Nash would show interest in the Decode Project. (join consortium for example)
We might get an introduction even easier…

UPDATE: I just saw the notice about the team moving to new project. Its possible the entire team has exited, including KR1…

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(Olu ) #5

@John_Nash, I made a decision to delete my Facebook account last year because of privacy concerns.
There’s the option to first download all your photos, information and files so you lose nothing. That’s exactly what I did.

That said, in my opinion, it would be great if Nash did business with Facebook. It will simply make mass adoption of decentralisation quicker.

@Quanjo, sure!

@Alex, sounds interesting. I wasn’t aware that Facebook had acquired Chainspace.

(clare s) #6


We have a Facebook account we just don’t publicize it because we are focussed on other platforms at the moment. The main reason we have a Facebook account is because in order to have an Instagram business account a company must have a Facebook account.


(Olu ) #7

Thanks for the update @clare.
You guys are professional and methodical which is very rare in crypto-related businesses.
Best wishes

(Rory) #8

so out of curiosity, is this page also yours? I ask because I got a notification (see below) as a follower of your instagram that you had created a facebook page, but it seems it is not the same as the one you just linked.

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(Nick) #9

Yeah I got the same. Started following it but now there are 2 Nash pages :sweat_smile:

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(John Nash) #10

Facebook moving at pace. Currently seeking personnel to manage/negotiate partnerships (among other items). I dislike Facebook but its difficult to ignore them given their worldwide impact/reach.