Face Unlock support for Android App

This is more so for the team if they are able and willing to respond, but I am one of the people who own a Pixel 4 XL (we do exist!), and was wondering if the Android App will be updated to support Face Unlock?

It’s my only gripe with the phone at present, especially being as it’s secure enough for Google to remove a fingerprint sensor (I assume), and seems to work well in general use. But the amount of banks that don’t yet support it is frustrating, meaning you have to key in your passwords all the time.

I’d love to be able to quickly and easily use it to sign into my Nash Account just like I used to with my old OnePlus and the fingerprint unlock!

Apologies if this isn’t the right way to go about this request. Oh, and keep up the good work. App is looking hella good so far.

Many thanks.

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I have a feeling this is not so easy because face unlock might be the same for all android phones in terms of third party app development. Different android phones have different security protocols and hardware for face unlocks, but in the end they probably give the same results to the third party: successfull unlock. This makes it unsecure to use for a app that contains money related things.

Correct me if wrong, though!

I once unlocked my twin brothers iPhone X using face unlock and send 5€ to myself :slight_smile: not because I am greedy, but because it’s a security bug.

if youre a twin, its normal that the iphone recognises your face as well. Thats not a security bug.

Now for the important part… What did you spend the €5 on? I hope it was something nice!

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Yes, that is indeed a very good point. As you said, so many other manufacturers are incorporating their own equivalents into their devices, whether they use Android or not, and so it would be difficult to cover all of them and ensure the same level of security across the board. I’m sure my old OnePlus 6 had its own version that had nothing to do with Google, even though the OS was Android.

I was thinking more along the lines of Google’s very own Pixel variant being used at least, as I imagined it to be the most developed and therefore most secure? Albeit, I know this relies upon the correct API being used in the app if it is updated and I don’t know how much work this is and even if it is worth it, considering that the Pixel isn’t the most popular Android device. That’s said, I’d obviously still love it if the team did include it in a further update!

it was 5 NEX :slight_smile:

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Did you guys notice the app update? Trading is available! Very nice work!

Wise choice, wise choice!

What do you mean? I don’t see anything different in my app (ios)? Where Can i find the trading option? :smiley:

I’m on android, that’s probably why there is no announcement, ios is not up and running yet…

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Can’t be far off in that case! Amazing to see this project coming to fruition, step by step

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Little sneak peak for u then :wink:


Awesome-o! Another win for the team!

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I have an iPhone X and have updated to the new version with exchange, so it is live on both platforms!


How can i update to the latest version?

Just navigate to the ‘Nash App’ on the app store and when you select it there should be a clue button that says ‘UPDATE’ instead of the regular ‘OPEN’ if it hasn’t been updated to the new version yet.

Totally worked, thanks!

Really? Nice! I am going to check it out first thing tomorrow. Was waiting for this :sunglasses:

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It is more on the limitations of the APIs that we have exposed, probably in a future upgrade there will be a reasonable way to tap into Pixel face unlock from React-native.