Fabio has surprise for nash?

I heard the latest interview that canesin has surprise for us… is this surprise only for people who attend the event in Boston or is it for everyone waiting on nash launch? @canesin

Which interview are you talking about? Can you provide a link?

Listen to the audio.

At the end of the interview, canesin said there would be a surprise.

The podcast audio sound kind of sucks tbh… some audio part isnt clear…

IMO it sounds like there will be some announcement at the Q2 report in Boston. Since this is not going to be live streamed I imagine it will be for those at the event. Word travels fast so I doubt you won’t hear about it very soon after.

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Agreed, @Canesin that’s unfortunate the audio was so bad, I found it hard to listen to even with headphones :frowning:

I would hazard a guess that if anything, it’s a surprise for the people attending the event

Its the podcast creator’s end i guess. A transcript would be best for this case.