Fabio Canesin about NASH's 3 pillars of Trade, Pay & Invest

(Billybelt) #1

1 hour with @canesin and brad about nash :+1:


(Jarek Mace) #2

Great Interview and great questions from Brad. Also great answers from Fabio.

(Trust Yourselves ) #3

49:49 - Fabio states that the extension will not have multichain support until mid 2019.
I thought that was going to be available straight away :scream::confused:

(Behind You) #4

@Trust_Yourselves Bummer. :slightly_frowning_face:

(Nex Chapter) #5

Mid 2019 is really not that far away at all guys :slight_smile:

(Lennystyles) #6

I really like how Fabio responds to questions in a calm, humble but confident way. So far the most transparent team I’ve seen and they don’t shy away to answer difficult questions with an honest response. Keep it up!

(Alex) #7

I am very excited to hear the importance given to the APIs. Really looking forward to those specifications and features. I believer this could potentially open up business opportunities for smaller startups / indies; leading to variety of communities interacting with Nash.

For me personally I would almost say Friendly APIs are more important than the non-custody aspect.

@canesin any previews of those specs beeing given out ? I am very eager to learn about the possibilities first :wink:

Also one of the first time I hear Fabio aknowledge the adventurous reality to product-market-fit. Big Ups.

Launch goal remains before the end of the winter (March 20th). That’s less than 50 days! But I honestly wouldn’t mind if we dont make it. only launch when ready. Nash seems on a right track from what I can tell from all the interviews and presentations. Keep it going. <3

(Olu ) #8

By the way guys, like and share Brad’s tweet on the interview. Here it is