Fabio at BTConference 2019

Any news from Barcelona Trading Conference 2019? Fabio was supposed to speak on the next step of Exchange on July 11.


If you check nashsocial on instagram there is vid but the sound quality is poor,
Fabio did a great job at the panel.

Good to hear. Looking forward to the next few weeks, Hopefully Fabio has a big great present in Boston. Something which starts with an L . . . . . :wink:

I dont think they will launch soon…It sounds more like a quarterly report than anything else.

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That would be very sad, especially because @canesin said to Q1 that it does not take a quarter more… :thinking:

The big talk is at the end of this month.

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Please have a look at the video of BTC -2019

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Very glad @canesin stepped in at the end. The DX CEO (Daniel Skowronski) was talking too much; almost killing Nash opportunity to talk about the innovation Nash is working on. Provable fairness protocol.
Fabio was the only guy introducing real innovation to the audience. Hope it caught their attention too.

Video timecode ref: 30:51 till end

++ Much love for Canesin’s speaking aura. Good sense of pace.

nice job, i felt a little bit more time probably could have helped… not sure if interviewer was asking the right question too,

Great video! Fabio is a captivating speaker - calm, composed and highly knowledgeable.
Nash is offering true innovation, no doubt. Fingers crossed, the exchange launch will meet our very high expectations.

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