External Wallets in the Fundmanager?

Hi. Would it be possible to monitor external wallets in the fund manager? It should be easy with nash’s architecture below. I do not want to transfer all my values that I have now on my ledger nano s to nash and I can imagine that a few others will do the same. But I would like it if I still saw all my values at nash.

I would be glad about an answer from the team. And what they would think of this idea.
@canesin @ethan

And something else on the edge. I do not think it’s nice to be logged out quickly. Would not it be possible to stay logged in for a whole day like other exchanges?


maybe they could have an external funds page separated from the main internal funds. then once you’ve connected the external wallet, you can retrieve the value from the external fund tab while still having the main internal fund tab. good idea!