External Interests/Feedback?

A pervasive quality in crypto is the ‘messiah complex.’ Communities will invest in a project, research it to death, and become project ambassadors via social media. A project will solve XYZ and be a solution to millions. Unreal expectations are established by communities with aimless speculation, perpetuated through its members and twitter bots while external feedback will be ignored and presumed to be FUD.

I don’t think anyone here actually thinks Nash will be the be all end all for distributed finance, but we see it as a leading solution in the years to come. My question for the Nash team: what kind of external interest is Nash receiving? Are your partners growing? What is the team hearing from external parties? Any fresh insights from existing partners?

I’m not asking for partners to be revealed. I just want to know what the outside world thinks of Nash.


Really interesting to know. Maybe something that could be addressed in the next report or medium article.