Extension v0.1.29 Released


(Bjornborg) #1

Extension has been updated to include all the latest scripthashes for each token

(Greekscreamer) #2

Wen we will be able to deposit eth at the extension? I mean before or after the exchange go live.

(Oldsport) #3

Is the Extension auto-updated ? I can’t find my current version on my NEX extension…

(Basti) #4

I would be interested too

(Samuel Mansfield) #5

Chrome should update your NEX Extension auto-magically.

If you go to chrome://extensions/ you can hit the Update button to make sure you have the latest version installed

(Oldsport) #6

Great ! And you can also find out your current version this way. Thanks !

(Crypto Fox) #7

Thank you!! :call_me_hand::fist:

(Tom) #8

It will be before the exchange goes live.

(Ashrith) #9

I think you need to have a look on this.Though i type nex exactly, nex isnt listed on the top for search list @samuel @canesin

(Denis) #10

Try to scroll down with the slider manually, it should be there

(Ashrith) #11

yeah i know that, as they need to fix it am mentioning :slight_smile:

(Denis) #12

You are correct, search function is not working correctly for some tokens. Thought you needed help :wink:

(Bjornborg) #13

we are pushing an update today; NEX will be at the top of the list as part of that update. Thanks!