Extension updates

(FCC) #1

When was the extension last updated? :nex_logo:

(Ethan Fast) #2

Yesterday evening :sunglasses:

(Bill) #3

What’s updated?

(TAT3AN) #4

@Bill The ability to access the community i’d imagine since you need to enable developer mode now.


Hi Ethan; since the update yesterday my username and password are not located locally in the nex extension, I have done everything that the tutorial indicates in these cases and I can not find a solution, although access to the extension I do now for the encrypted key, I would like continue doing it as always, will you soon implement a solution to this problem?

(FCC) #6

Hi @magic we already launched a new version 0.1.28 that fixes this issue. I made a video to help people know strategies to recover their accounts:


Hi @canesin, I immediately proceed to see it and solve my problem, thank you very much for your support