EXPOSED - Binance DEX Can STEAL Your Money

(CryptoMange) #1

This is why we need Nash! :nash_token: :nash_n: :grin:

(Laurens) #2

the title is so clickbait :smiley: I just had to click it …,… and share it with all my friends

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(Olu ) #3

Little criticism :upside_down_face:
You should probably have focused on the fact that the Binance “DEX” can confiscate users’ cryptos, which means the “DEX” is non-custodial. The additional points you were making seemed like overkill and a bit speculative.
Nash in the title seems unnecessary as well.
Great effort :+1:

(CryptoMange) #4

Agree 100%

Without a script I tend to go off on a tangent haha, will have an outline next time around :wink:

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