Expanding Markets!

Hey guys,

I was not sure where to post this idea I had for NEX expanding into new markets.
I am currently using DeFi on Heco Chain (Huobi Network) and I think this would be a huge opportunity for NEX to partner up with Huobi.
The fees are tremendously cheap and it seems Huobi is getting alot of traction lately.

Huobi has a partnership with a new DeFi lending platform called Filda that has Savings,Borrow and Lending options as well as LP staking with high APR%… Filda had $622,526,471.45 put into their platform since launch in January and the recently added NEO to their platform.

There is another platform on Huobi network called MDEX that is very similar to Uniswap.
MDEX allows quick swaps between tokens on the HECO chain, pooling of tokens, liquidity mining, and trade mining.
MDEX has over $1.1billion dollars currently in their staking pools.

If Nash were to partner with Huobi and get NEX on HECO chain, I believe we can see A LOT of traction. Having Nash on MDEX would make buying super easy and cheap to transfer out of HECO chain.

This is just an idea I had in mind. I hope the team can see this, and I would love any feedback!
Thanks for your time,