It would be great that we see in future many new pairs for trading, because that is key for volume.

I would like to trade on Nash Exchange but it is shop with empty shelves (there is no pairs to trade).

If possible would be good to make as many trading pairs like Uniswap or Bilaxy, volume on Nash would be even better than Uniswap, and 10 new pairs in 1 year time in comparison with 10 new pairs every couple days with Uniswap and Bilaxy is very low, and you have much lower fee, is it possible that you change main politic of Nash and get as many tending pairs possible and in same time trying to get all licence?

Hi Neno,

Short answer is No.

Currently the focus is on winning market shares on the fiat-to-crypto market.

Once this is achieved the focus should shift - according to the public roadmap - onto banking services.

Note that Nash will add new pairs (like AAVE and AVAX which were already announced) to its wallet - meaning you’ll be able to buy and sell those directly from/to fiat - but it’ll never be an open environment like Uniswap where anyone can list anything: this would not be compatible with being compliant, which is what puts Nash in a good position to sign partnerships and receive licenses.


Thank you for replay.