Exchange Volume: Should I be worried?

So, on day 1, I locked my NEX tokens for 2 years and decided to take a step away from crypto.

But just today I saw that volume has declined from 20k/day to only 100$ /day. It really scares me now. Hopefully things would get better in next 6 months


You shouldn’t expect volume for months. So… No.


it depends on how much you are willing to invest time or what goals you have set. For a short time, there will probably be nothing to gain in the crypto sector.
but that’s why I’m not here in person. They said they have enough capital to work four years (start last year sept.). and it will take time to launch a good stock exchange with all necessary licenses. I do not see the benefit in the crypto world, but in the digitized stock world. but you also see the nash of his time is far ahead. hopefully not too far, hopefully the energy / finance and the team spirit will bring the product into this new era.
they are building a stock exchange that does not need any employees, in which you can trade shares p2p. instant


I have a .pdf file saved on my desktop with some excerpts of a Nash blog post from 2018. Reading it has always put any and all of my doubts in past to bed. Have a read through a couple of paragraphs if you have time.

In the near term, we will be acquiring a Security Dealers License, which would allow us to issue other securities to the public and is a requirement for an Organized Trading Facility (OTF) license, which will allow us to support trading of NEX and other European securities. We are also working towards a Banking License, which would allow us to operate regulated bank accounts and store customer money, and opens the door to new products such as index funds and margin trading. In the United States, we are working towards Broker Dealer, ATS, and FINCEN licenses, which would allow us to trade US securities. Approval of the NEX token in the European Union also helps pave the way for our application to become a US security.

Impact Beyond NEX

We see tokenized securities as an asset class that will reshape the future of finance. Imagine, for example, a world where investors receive equity in an early stage startup as tokens, and are able to trade those tokens on a new class of highly liquid securities exchange. Or imagine the benefits of locking some of that equity in a smart contract to enforce fair dilution mechanics for early employees or investors. Digital ledger technology allows traditional forms of equity, such as shares of a company or property, to be transacted more efficiently and intelligently, and in more liquid markets. At NEX, we aim to be driving both the legal and technological sides of these changes.


u got the date that was released in 2018 please? or the month would be fine :slight_smile:

many thanks

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come back in a year, if the volume is still $100 then you can be scared.


Give it 24 months. That’s when we will know if we have made the right choice in backing Nash.


Young startup need 3 to 5 years to have a good working product.

Keep calm, stake and let them work.


We have to admit… $160/24 hours is laughable volume even in the first month, I’ve traded more than that today on binance alone… hopefully it picks up, that’s less than 1 ETH, is no-one from beta trading? Are there 0 partners? Are founders even trading? I’ve grown numb to extravagant expectations but does the marketing team still have a pulse? I am aware volume is not a focus of the team, but less than 1 ETH/24hours is scary low volume.

Look at the pairs included in this MVP launch. Look at volume on exchanges like Switcheo that have been around 1+ yrs (exclude NEX volume, of course). Look at everyone still holding onto their 2017 ICO bags, not keen on trading. Look at all the advertising that hasn’t even begun yet.

This volume shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody.

Current volume is pretty meaningless until BTC trading is live, and more fiat partners are online. The only downside to this volume is that very few people are troubleshooting UI issues now, which is exactly what Nash is looking to improve on during this MVP.


You have to look at the bigger picture and what Nash hopes to achieve in the future. Bitcoin trading on this type of exchange will no doubt become a game changer. Bitcoin is such a high value asset right now, people are looking to exchange it in the safest way possible. That’s where Nash comes in.

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