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From time to time I trade on Binance because on Nash there is no pairs, and looking how Nash have better Order Book (Sell sheet, Buy sheet, purchase sheet, buy crypto and sell crypto) on right side of screen than Binance, also graph and open order book are also in good positions but I do not like font they use, numbers is looking worse than on Binance, also background of graph on Binance is better than Nash background, it would be good to copy that from Binance, community feel free to comment your experience.


I am missing good old Send/Receive button on Nash Exchange. It was sooo clear and easy to understand, piece of art and love from first sight! :heart: :slight_smile:

After all this time still can’t get used to new “Nash Channels” name and Deposit/Withdraw window. Main Wallet and Trading account, that’s how I call those two for myself…

Now when I want to transfer funds from Trading account to my Wallet is it Deposti or Withdraw should I do? :smiley: It keeps confusing me each time :upside_down_face:

Picture from to remember good old times.


@LABRO Exactly! Have been trying to say this too. Not sure if the old window is optimal but at least it makes sense unlike the new one.

The current transfer window makes no sense unless you get yourself used to it (which is not how good UI should be)

Golden strategy for free marketing:

  1. Hire a top level UI designer to make Nash look sexy and have great UX design.
  2. Watch the NEX token pump and see less newcomers leave and more people being recommended to nash by friends (I would start promoting nash myself)
  3. Enjoy the absolute best marketing you can get and for free → A token that pumps! (quote Ivan on Tech)

Best money you will ever spend.

Come on guys, the UI used to have this modal and it didn’t help Nash stand out, did it? What would really help Nash today is executing its strategy for 2021. Nash Channels are less central in that strategy, so I don’t think this is a focus point right now.


Also instead of Nash channels would be better rename to Main account and Trade account, much simple



I never said it made Nash stand out. I said it made sense unlike the new transfer window.

Every user will have to deal with this window so pretty stupid to make a lot of them confused/frustated by not clearly stating where they are depositing money to and from.

basic UX-design


…isn’t very respectful when you know there’s a full-time UX team at Nash.

You make it sound like your truth is the only truth. I personally disagree and find Nash’s UI to be very clean and appealing and its UX to be top-notch. But UX stands for “User experience”, which is impacted hard when using chains that are currently slow and costly.

Nash’s focus has shifted from L2 to L1 with its new strategy for 2021. Your time would better spent commenting on the upcoming UI elements which were made public a couple weeks ago:



Disrespectful or not, I know I am right about the transfer window. Have had the discussion in another thread already so I don’t want to repeat it. This thread shows me that I am not the only one who gets confused and there is no reason to confuse a single person in this window.

I see that they have merged the Portfolio and Assets page. That is great!!! Will make it much less confusing. Looks really good, I am looking forward to this upgrade.

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