Exchange launch details in SIMPLE ENGLISH

Can @canesin or someone else from team please let me know when the exchange will be launched in simple language. Will it get launched in Q3 or Q4 this year or Q1, 2, 3, 4 next year?
Please understand I am in no rush for it. I can wait. What i don’t like is looking in this community every week to see if anything announced.

We have all invested money in Nash and i personally think we should have this information from the team.

Where has the Nash team announced an estimated time of launch? If they have not, why not?

I am sure the team can share information with their investors (the community) as to for example exchange will be launched by end of Q1 2020 and then update their investors in Jan 2020 as to if they can meet this deadline or there will be delay?

I am asking a simple question and would REQUEST an answer in very simple language and which is straight to the point.

Thanks in advance.


Well, I wish you good luck :wink::v:

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What you mean? I wont get answer to my question?

We all want to know that. But I do not think your question will be answered in this post.

I have read this thread but its still not clear when it will get launched. I dont think i am asking anythign wrong, and i dont want any other community member to brush the question under the carpet with hype and how good this project is etc. I would have not invested if i did not believe in Nash and the team. I am very excited for the launch and believe it will be a top exchange.

I think this all you get (Lastest statement with regards to the launch):

I’ll try to translate it for you:
1.) The exchange won’t launch in July 2019 (as then the edit won’t make any sense)
2.) it should be expected sometime in august or september (so that it fits the "less than quarters [=weeks / everything unter 2 quarters] statement

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@JustUS but why do you have to extrapolate information the way you have done? Why cant the team answer? Why they talking in riddles?
I am sure everybody in this community want the answer, then why wont they?


I see it exactly like you, but as I said I do not expect an answer. At that time I asked a similar question about referal program and there was never an answer. I just want to dampen your hopes … :thinking:

I thought it was clear from this “we however are confident to deliver in substantial less time than 2 quarters”. From Q1 report event April 27th , its before October 27t. why do you need to look at community site every day (i do it because its fun :slight_smile: ) , you will get most likely get notified by twitter/email. I can do myself if you want :slight_smile:

Can @canesin confirm @nicefox comment that exchange/MVP will be launched by end of October 2019?
Its something i can look forward to :smile:

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Well, I can only assume the reason. I think they learned from the past and saw that publishing expectations for the time of launch (whitepaper 1, whitepaper 2, “wertpapierprospect”, the roadmap on the homepage, Q1 report/the “edited post”) didn’t went well and some people were not happy about these being postponed. I somewhat agree that it’s better to be not too precise anymore and don’t let people have false expectations. The mistake made in the above quoted post (“less than one quarter (3 month)”) was obviously unfortunate in this regard.

edit*: After reading what @nicefox said, I have to admit that I am also still confused. After this editing mess I don’t know if @canesin means in less than two quarters calculated from the time of editing (~now) or from the time of the Q1 report (27th april). Especially now that I notice that it was edited twice. Before it was “less than multiple quarters” which means everything under 2 quarters and is in line with the Q1 report. But the way it is now may also indicate that it is up to 2 quarters from now, which would be almost 3 quarters from the Q1 report. But again this wouldn’t fit the statement “closely matching the original time expectations of this post” as there is a huge difference between 3 and 9 months.

They are not going to give you any date until they are ready to announce a date. So sit tight, make your predictions and await further details.

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Thanks for the trust and incentive to Nash, when we decided to do a public offering it was with the belief that having a community that truly benefit from the success of the company was the best way to make it all it could be. However your assumption that you can “request” a date for launch is not something that is feasible even when we take it with best intentions as the community voice.

  • We have not announced a launch date yet because this is not firmly defined inside the company at this moment. The team is working very hard to give a date as soon as possible.

  • As we have repeated: our expectations have not changed since the 2019Q1 report Q&A session - if they do we will announce broadly.

  • What was said in that moment was exactly: “we are not talking about quarters”, at that moment that would put the completion of the MVP from end of July to beginning of October. On subsequent related communication we said to expect it to be much closer to the beginning of this period.

If we still can’t communicate a firm date we will give updated timeline on Boston 2019Q2 event.


Beginning of October…that seems like quite a while!

I think you need to be patient. Many projects fail because they won’t deliver or cannot deliver. If a team does not give a release date doesn’t mean they won’t deliver. I think NASH has proved they can deliver and that they focus on quality and not time. Releasing a DEX that doesn’t work is killing and will destroy the project. That’s why quality is more important than time. Moreover, REAL dexes do not exist yet which means time is less important than quality again. The only disappointment I have is that BTC pairs are not present in the MPV. This will negate a lot of volume that you would otherwise have.

I suggest just to wait for the event in Boston, but I am disappointed this will not be live streamed. Many people just don’t have the opportunity to get there, releasing information to the ones that can before other stakeholders is simply not fair. Maybe a stream that can only be accessed by members of the community?


How I see this prolonged delay in ‘launching’:

Nash has actually launched and in fact Nash launched since the founders started employing and expanding the team. It is just that the company hasn’t yet become profitable for investors.Nevertheless, this is a fully functioning company.

I look forward to earning dividends on my investment but there’s need for patience. I consider this period the early beginnings of a blue chip fin tech company. So far, the funds Nash raised during ICO have been put to good use and will pay off in the long run.
As a mature investor/community, when you identify a promising and innovative team, you stick with them. Patience! Fingers crossed, it will pay off nicely.

Communication on timelines could be better, but bear in mind, this is not up to the team alone. This is a nascent industry and regulations are still evolving. Stay calm awesome community :slight_smile:

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You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

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Well technically speaking Nash is profitable to all investors who bought the tokens at the ICO since its never fell below 1$ :stuck_out_tongue: ( even tho it’s only being traded on shady exchanges atm ).

That’s not correct - it fell below 1$ at some point of time. I recall it being traded for as low as 0.85$.

Ah my bad.