Exchange Languages

Hi all,

Just a quick suggestion. I think an underrated part of what brings (global) volume to an exchange is the fact that it is available in native languages for many countries. So the suggestion would be to provide several language options when launching the exchange, and adding them in the order of crypto usage. Or maybe even currently unexplored markets if they can be identified.


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Chinese

Should definitely be supported I think. And the next targets that I can think of:

  • Other European (German, French, Dutch) languages
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Indian? (Hindi)

Let me know what others think.


I suggest the Hungarian language

Good Idea :slight_smile:

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Not sure that Hungary qualifies as a well-known crypto hub or a large untapped market. Not many people have Hungarian as their native or second language I’m afraid.

The point of my earlier post was to target languages and thus, markets that will attract a large number of crypto users.

We’re designing everything with a view to supporting multiple languages and gathered information on our investors’ preferred languages in the survey performed last year.


German language!

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If you need any help in translations, I think the community would be glad to help out.