Exchange idea - Help the noobies

So this is an abstract idea so take it with an open mind. If you had a noobie reference guide built into the exchange I think that it would have some merit. What I mean is, if you have an option to open a side menu in the exchange and view things like examples of bullish/bearing candlestick patterns, fib guides, total noobie buy/sell guide, stoploss and account management guides a lot of people would feel more comfortable starting on your platform that have no trading experience.

This GUI would have to look spectacular and have a very simple layout, i.e. click big icon named “bullish candlestick patterns” and it brings you there with easy to view non-clustered Large icon examples. Even having an option to turn on “noob mode” could allow your exchange to have hints laying around things, like having “I see you havent set a stop loss, this prevents overwhelming loss, to learn more go to the side menu tab” ect… Or better yet, if noob modes turned on you ask if they want to automatically place a 5% stoploss. The more comfortable you make people feel the more that will come, and the longer they will stay. Just spitballing here.


That would be great idea for getting more new traders onboard.

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