[exchange feedback] Are the minimum trade amounts listed anywhere on the exchange?

I keep running into an error when trying to make a trade, and I think it may be because it’s too small of a trade. Essentially, I’m trying to convert $4.97 of USDC into NEO. Yes, it’s a really small amount, but nowhere does it say that it’s too small.

The only mimum amounts I’ve seen are in the “Trading Rules + Conditions.” It reads: “Each digital asset traded on the Nash Exchange has its own minimum trade size. For example, for NEO, the minimum is 0.01 NEO, and for GAS it is 0.000001 GAS. Minimum trade sizes are indicated within the Nash platform.”

But I don’t see anywhere else on the exchange where other minimums are listed. It could be in plain sight, but I haven’t found it. Just curious where I can find this information so I can see if that is why my trade keeps returning an error message.

Thank you in advance for your help, keep up the amazing work team! Best.

The minimum order size is $5 equivalent on the asset.

Thank you for the prompt response Fabio, it is much appreciated. Just for future reference, where can I find the minimums for each asset? Cheers.