Exchange Features

(Jj24) #1

I have been using a cupel of different exchanges lately (alt season), namely Kraken, Kraken Futures, Bitmex, Binance and Kucoin. Every time I go form Bitmex to one of the other exchanges I really miss two things immediately.
First and most importantly that you can set a stop loss and a take profit order for one coin at the same time for your full position. Also, that one can put a stop for a position underneath ones limit orders even if they are not filled. Makes a world of difference for me if I am gone for a weekend.
Secondly that your stops, average entry point and your take profit orders are shown as lines on your chart and that one can change these orders just by dragging the line to the desired location.
It would be awesome if you could implement these things into the exchange.

(Evocati) #2

I absolutely agree with these features. Especially dragging the take profit/stop loss will be a great feature that resembles the NASH project in terms of creating user friendly UI and differentiation from other exchanges. Speaking for myself, it would also encourage me to trade in a higher frequency maybe even daily.

(Mikkel) #3

Also agreed…

Actually, I’m new here, is there an overview of the features that are planned available somewhere?

(Jj24) #4

Maybe someone from the team could answer that @canesin. Hope these suggestions help…

(FCC) #5

Thanks for the suggestions, those were added to the issues. I understand how they can be great for traders, BitMEX has a great set of features - unfortunately since we are non-custodial is always much harder to support order types, something that is straight forward for centralized projects. We will look into this.

(Hongfei) #6

How about API? When can we expect trading API to be available?

Trading bots would definitely drive volume.

(FCC) #7

yes, we will have APIs and SDKs. I presented a snippet using the Python SDK on the DevCon, watch the last minutes of the video.

(Frank Chen) #8

when will the exchange availible

(Neogasrpx) #9

When people stop asking, you just reset the clock…