Exchange Beta Testing - first reaction

(Cryptodom) #1

Lucky people who are testing the exchange right now - can you please share your experience?

(Trust Yourselves ) #2

NDA - Non Disclosure Agreement = they are not allowed talk about it

(Cammofunk) #3

I thought that was waved at this point (unless you were in pre-beta)

(Nex Chapter) #4

Nope, it has been explained multiple times :slight_smile:
Read up here!

The first phase is called Bluefield - Running now, open to 50 Users total, started March 31st - All of which are under NDA

The second phase is called Subgame - Which starts the 14th of April and open to a total of 250 users - Invites have already gone out - users from this point will not be under NDA unless they were contacted separately for interviews

The third and last phase is called Equilibrium Which is open to all community members from the date of the medium article posted above which was about 1000 - This phase will start on the 26th of April and once again users will not be under NDA

I hope that clears it up…

(Cammofunk) #5

true, must’ve glimpsed over the dates, thanks

(Nicefox) #6

i guess nash employees can comment about it :slight_smile: