Evolution of Nex as a decentralized finance system

Hi there! As far as Nex’s aim is to be the leading solution in DLT finances and by the moment, plans of exchange, token’s staking and payment operator are revealed, the next big thing is providing loans of cryptoassets. I’m inspirated by Maker’s success and i think that Nex can be a contender in this space.
First encouraging thing is that Nex will provide cross-chain interacting with the most popular blockchains - Btc, Eth, Neo. So there is a possibility to make trustless, self-executive loans in any of mentioned coins+stablecoin, backed by any of mentioned coin+stablecoin. Nex utility is increasing, since interest rate is payed with Nex tokens, all exchange operations are provided with Nex=> volume is increasing.

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I believe NEXO is currently offering crypto backed loans, with a dividend payout on their token

We believe there is bigger opportunities on our current road map for the short term. This market is based in business hypothesis that need to be validated before we commit to it, we will observe if the current projects are indeed into something here.