Europes First Blockchain based MTF License has been given

My 2 cents:

A bit bearish, since a new competitor for Nash, but nash already has quite a few and this company doesn’t have any exchange yet or whitepaper or anything else.
But also quite bullish for nash, since this means they could also pick up their regulation and licensing process again, hopefully :slight_smile:

What do you guys think?


I say it’ more bullish then bearish news. Competition is good for industry.

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I see the team contacting the law firm:

This is good news. Nash’s value proposition is independent of competition. Going forward, there will be many companies like Nomisma applying for and acquiring these licences. If anything, this could make it a little easier for Nash.

Care to elaborate on how it’s independent?

Thanks @Konijntje for sharing this!
Very bullish IMO.

To be honest, an attractive token price is needed to get people excited in crypto so the ability to trade NEX is required. Obtaining such a license is one of the most important factors in attracting many users to the Nash platform.

I hope the team is actively working on this right now.