EU-Fiat-Ramp costs transparency

Hi Nash-Team,

im wondering why is there no transparent FEEs calculation when im buying ETH with FIAT. I know there should be a 3,5% fee ( in the EU) but when i bought today, there was always a 2$ fee on-top. I bought 0,1 ETH = 16,78€ ( 18,35$). See first picture.

So im fine with this.
But now when i look in to the transaction Window, i see they charged 2$ fees, dosnt matter how much ETH im buying ( 2nd picture)

Would be good to see more transparency in the “Order” window



Yes, would be nice if that was a bit more clear. Bought ETH about half a hour ago. It did work pretty easy though.

It also seems there is an api error at the moment. Error code 503 (probably service unavailable) and can’t seem to close the pop-up. I will give it some time and come back later.

EDIT: Ok, it’s back up :grin:

Thanks, we processed the issue and have a iteration already. Should be live on a few days.


Hi Fabio (@canesin) . How is it possible to increase the daily limit on carbon?

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It’s currently not possible, $2,500 is the limit set by them. Resets at 03:30 EST time

I would like to $2500. Unfortunately, I only have $250

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It says right there that first you have to verify your identification for that.

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I think he meant that he can not afford 2.5k right now

We are collaborating with an optional simple KYC using user provided data that would allow us to do higher limits on cards. That is a Visa/MasterCard acquirer limitation unfortunately.

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