Ethereum London Meetup - The Future of Digital Asset Exchanges - 28th March

If anyone is interested, I will be attending this event tomorrow. Say Hi if you would like a Nash cycling cap at cost price + small fee for inconvenience.

That aside, there will be representatives of the Ethereum community, Ethfinex and Luno discussing Digital Asset Exchanges. Seems like a good opportunity for both the Nash team and supporters to attend just before the beta launch.

Hope to see you all there!


Nice. Any chance to see a picture of the cap?

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By the way, this is the agenda:

Decentralised exchanges is the topic for our inaugural event.

DEX’s have blown up over the last year and we’re now all uncertain about:
:man_shrugging: centralised vs semi-decentralised vs decentralised vs non-custodial
:thinking: what’s the right way to think about this
:money_with_wings: what do liquidity providers have to think about
:ok_hand: is any of this going to be easier for people to use
:money_mouth_face: how can I make money from them