ETH Fees

We have just got our onramps in the UK online, excellent work to the Nash team on everything so far. I do not post here often but reguarly lurk and read the good work you are doing the valuble input from the community as a whole.

Anyway, I do have a question regarding the ETH fees in transferring from personal account to trading account. I read previously that there is automatically a higher gwei fee applied to ensure it moved quicker from accounts but this really should be reflected on the transfer page.


That is me transferring the max amount of 0.50002297 to my trading account with a fee of 0.001 but only receiving 0.47402296.

Is there anything in the works to address this?

EDIT: So it leaves the part it’s not transferring in your personal account for transferring back out of the trading account… okay, that makes sense.


Yes thats correct same go’s for NEO always need a portion to make transfers :+1:

On NEO you will need GAS, you can however on NEO do feeless transactions. It caries low priority on the network but work most of the times so fees in NEO are usually not a concern.


@canesin for those of us that are not in a rush to receive our funds back from the state channel will it be possible to define a lower gas amount via some sort of advanced settings?

This has always been a bug-bear for eg IDEX. Is there a back door to retrieve tokens back like the IDEX escape hatch?

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We are designing and will implement a ETH fee assistant.
If you are not in a rush why take it at all ?


I hear what you are saying Fabio :slight_smile: and good to hear that there will be an option to set gas fees in the future.

There may be some reasons to want to have ones Crypto outside of the state channel - eg any tokens that can be staked. In such cases you might legitimately want to get the crypto out at the lowest rates possible.

It was only yesterday I was loading up some DAI into compound and the suggested gas fees are 8 fast /1 standard /1 slow. Metamask is suggesting something absurd like 30 gwei and when overriden it still confirmed in literally seconds…

Anyway I digress, for those that accept the risk of setting their own gas levels on their own heads be it etc.

Keep up the good work!