ETH Congestion - Fees

I realise there is almost nothing Nash can do as the ETH network is extremely congested and gas fees are high, but holy. ETH is out here making BTC transfers look cheap!

Unfortunately this makes transferring to the trading contract unrealistic for small trades on ETH. Hopefully ETH fixes this soon. I heard layer 2 solutions can help reduce the fee costs for ETH sends, is this something that Nash can take advantage of?

Cost to transfer from trading contract to personal wallet.

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Currently patiently waiting for the network to calm down before buying more NEX. These fees are nutty. I can’t believe there are people blindly accepting these fees.

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All the farming happening on ETH right now puts fees really high as people try to capture some of the inflation from the new DeFi tokens.

It kind of makes NEO and NEO 3.0 look great with feeless or very low fee transactions and fast block times. For that reason I am glad NEX is on NEO.


Fees are generally lower than profits on what people are getting out yield farming on ETH, and rewards are highly dependent on cycling tokens which is why there’s such a premium on transaction speeds. Expecting it to continue until bubble pops or the mass degenerates run out of money to throw at these ponzis.

P.s. I say degenerates, but I am also one of them - I prefer to think of it as “beta testing DeFi for sick gains”

haha, I understand - not my 1st day in crypto, good lucky in the chicken games.

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